Hello, I’m Doug and that is me in the picture.

Perhaps you are like me and love to take pictures at famous landmarks or beautiful locations. For a long time I didn’t know what to do with the photos once I got home, other than occasionally to look at them.

Now I have way more ideas on how to enjoy them every day. My friends and family often ask me; “How did you create this one?” or “What software did you use on this one?” Sometimes I will even draw or paint using my own photos as reference, not to duplicate it, but to put a different spin on my own creation.

My home is in Sacramento, California an agricultural area with Napa Valley and the Sierra Foothill wineries close by. As a result a lot of my work features the California wine country beauty.

When holidays and special occasions come around I like to use my photos for cards, invitations, or even themed decorations. On this site I share all of my latest ideas, how-to procedures, and results.

My hope is you will not only learn but enjoy!